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The Reading Room: 20 free agents given qualifying offers

The last day before free agency brings a lot of qualifying offers and a few rumors.

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Along with the expected qualifying offer for Jeff Samardzija from the White Sox, a total of 20 free agents received qualifying offers prior to the deadline Friday.  While this was a significant increase over the 12 given last offseason, with free agents like Alex Gordon, Zack Greinke, and Matt Wieters among others, this offseason's class of free agents is one of the stronger set of free agents in recent years.

Overall, 13 teams gave out qualifying offers of $15.8 million.  The Nationals, Cardinals, and Padres gave out two each while the Dodgers and Orioles gave out three each.

The Christian Marrero Reading Room

Source: Rick Renteria would fit well as White Sox bench coach

Earlier this week, Jim wrote about why Sandy Alomar Jr. wasn't interested in the White Sox bench coach job. While part of it was that he's happy in Cleveland, he also didn't want things to get awkward if the season doesn't go well. I don't know if Rick Renteria has even been contacted about the White Sox job, but if he has, that would have to be in the back of his mind somewhere.

2015-16 Top 50 MLB Free Agents With Predictions

This article from MLB Trade Rumors have the White Sox as the favorites to Howie Kendrick, David Freese, and Asdrubal Cabrera.  Along with those three, the Sox are mentioned with nine other free agents.  Of those three, Kendrick was given a QO by the Dodgers, but Dan Hayes from CSN Chicago pointed this interesting tidbit.

Report: Nexen Heroes accept $12.85 million posting fee for Byung-ho Park

Rumor has it that the Pirates are in the Park sweepstakes.  Similar to when the White Sox signed Jose Abreu, signing Park would not count against the Pirates' international pool.

Fall Stars ready to represent their clubs

White Sox minor leaugers Adam Engel and Robin Leyer are talking part in the Fall Stars game tonight.  The game starts are 7 p.m. Central and will be on MLB Network and streaming on