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The AL Central after the winter meetings

Tigers lead the division in activity, while the Royals are focused on loss prevention

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs staked their claim to the lion's share of Chicago baseball media coverage for the foreseeable future by winning two bidding wars this week -- the first for Ben Zobrist, and the second for Jason Heyward, which means...

Given the existing talent involved, the splurge will probably work out better on the North Side. But here's some solace for White Sox fans: Not only are the Cubs in the other league, but next year's crosstown series is only four games instead of six. That won't relieve all the frustration on the South Side, but it's good to keep the practical implications in mind.

It's more useful to focus on the AL Central, since that's the direct competition when the games actually start. Let's catch up on what happened to the other guys over the last week.

Kansas City Royals

During: Brought back Chris Young (the pitcher) for two more years, and signed Joakim Soria to a three-year, $25 million contract with a mutual option for a fourth season. He effectively replaces Ryan Madson, but he does have incentives for games started, which is a little strange since Soria has worked exclusively in the bullpen during his MLB career.

Irons in fire: They're hunting for an outfielder, and there remains of a sliver of hope that Alex Gordon will remain a Royal, which would help since they've lost Zobrist and aren't factors in the bidding for Johnny Cueto. However, Dayton Moore is said to be looking at a trade, maybe for one of Colorado's outfielders.

Minnesota Twins

During: Nothing doing, because nobody wants Ricky Nolasco.

Irons in fire: Terry Ryan is looking for bullpen help, especially from the left side, although Drew Storen remains a possibility as far as righties are concerned.

Cleveland Indians

During: Claimed Joey Butler from the Rays, and signed Felipe Paulino to a minor league deal.

Irons in fire: They're also actively looking for a third baseman, which means they've been linked to Todd Frazier. There's also rumored interest in Rajai Davis and Steve Pearce in free-agent talks. Trade-wise, any team in need of starting pitching is talking to them, but they're reluctant to deal any of their young guns.

Detroit Tigers

During: Continued reinforcing their bullpen with the double-barreled acquisitions of righty Mark Lowe (two-year deal) and Justin Wilson (trade with the Yankees), and signed Jarrod Saltalamacchia as a backup catcher.

Irons in fire: Al Avila doesn't have much left on his list, except for a utility man and perhaps an outfield solution more reliable than Cameron Maybin.