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Podcast: White Sox have work to do

Final podcast of 2015 recaps the White Sox moves made during Winter Meetings. With obvious roster holes need addressing, we discuss who the Sox could target to fill the gaps.

For Robin Ventura's sake, hopefully more is yet to come this offseason.
For Robin Ventura's sake, hopefully more is yet to come this offseason.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Episode 77, and the final podcast of 2015, is in the books where we chat about what the White Sox have done so far this offseason.

The rundown:

  • With Tyler Flowers joining the Atlanta Braves and Geovany Soto hoping to be the starter with Anaheim, can Alex Avila and Dioneer Navarro provide enough offense to offset their defensive shortfalls and be more productive than Flowers/Soto in 2015?
  • Brett Lawrie can be safely projected to be worth 1.5-2 wins in 2016. A major upgrade in production either at third or second base compared to this past season. However, if this is truly the "big" move Chicago makes, how disappointing would that be?
  • P.O. Sox featured four excellent questions, such as what kind of package could net Todd Frazier.

To listen, simply click play below:

Want to thank everyone who listens each week. It means a lot to hear how much you enjoy the show and the overwhelming response we received from the podcast survey. Very excited to announce upcoming changes to the show at a future date as the premiere episode for Season 3 will be February 1st, 2016 as we recap SoxFest.

Thank you to the SSS staff who helped make the show possible: Pnoles, Hazy, larry, KenWo, AJP, Rob Hart, and of course, Jim. We will be aiming to have more variety of guests on the program next year and hope you'll continue to listen.

First news announcement is we are moving to a new hosting platform: AudioBoom. A leading podcast company from the UK has made it state side and recently inked deals to host all Yahoo! Sports and Cumulus radio podcasts. We were recruited to join and hope it provides a better listening experience along with a bigger outreach to recruit lost Sox fans to SSS. They also have a mobile app, so for you Android users that don't like Stitcher, I recommend downloading AudioBoom from the Google Play store.

Our new url will be and if you already subscribe to the podcast you should continue getting the show despite the RSS change. If you don't, please email me at, and we can get that sorted out. If you prefer listening on Stitcher or iTunes, don't worry, you'll still be able to get the show's.

Thanks again for a wonderful season and look forward to Season 3 of the podcast.