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White Sox reportedly have traded for Todd Frazier

News involving a three team trade between the Sox, Dodgers, and Reds is leaking out this morning.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

While the White Sox rumors involving Todd Frazier deal moved from a sauté to a sweat since the Winter Meetings, Rick Hahn has been quietly working the deal. The first rumors started this morning with a trade involving the Dodgers.

Just to temper this a bit...

Which would be a OK deal, assuming the Sox aren't eating Andre Ethier's contract while Adam LaRoche sits on the bench.

Then, this happened.

Finally, we got an idea of the complete cost of Todd Frazier.

That would seem to be enough to do it. The piece from the Dodgers to the Reds is still missing, and the Sox seem to be down an outfielder. So other pieces are likely to be involved. We'll be updating as news comes out.

Update (11:47am):

We know the Dodgers prospects going to the Reds, and the deal is now official.

This move takes the Sox 40-man roster to 35.