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White Sox non-tender Tyler Flowers, Jacob Turner

Surprise! Chris Sale's catcher enters the market as a free agent.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With the non-tender deadline upon us, the White Sox have declined to tender 2016 contracts to catcher Tyler Flowers and RHP Jacob Turner.

While it was assumed that Alex Avila would be splitting time with Tyler Flowers next season, non-tendering Tyler Flowers obviously throws that plan out the window.  As Jim wrote on Monday, "Flowers exceeded his MLB Trade Rumors projection by a considerable amount last season, so he may be for a $4 million salary in 2015. Either way, he'll get a contract. Catchers are scarce."  Obviously, the $4 million price tag for catcher that might be half the starts or fewer if a strict platoon is followed was too high for the Sox.  This does open a big hole at the catcher position since there are questions about whether any of the remaining can play a full season in the majors.

Turner came to the Sox on waivers from the Cubs in October.  The Sox might have hoped that they may have been able to sign him at a discount prior to the deadline.  Whatever the reason was for bringing him in, he's a free agent now.

With these moves, the White Sox 40-man roster goes to 36.  Next big event on the calendar, of course, are the Winter Meetings that starts next Sunday night.