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White Sox rumors: Sox in on Yoenis Cespedes

The White Sox seem to be interested in making #mascubanos return.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, started innocently enough in the White Sox news cycle.

This rather bland tweet was nothing new for the regular readers here. The subtraction of Justin Upton had even been brought up recently as well. So, no nothing new but a confirmation that the Sox were still talking was nice. Then, this came.

Now, that's something to chew on.

Baltimore appeared to have Chris Davis nearly re-signed during the Winter Meetings.  Unfortunately, on the way to the signing, more years, more money, or a physical question derailed the whole process.  Now, the Orioles seem interested in some other options.  The Angels and Giants aren't surprising either as they're both loaded with cash with outfield spots to fortify.

Now, it's Wednesday.  The day that the White Sox have been making the big deals this offseason.  We'll have to see if the White Sox can finish off 2015 with something big.