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White Sox trade rumors: Trade for Brett Lawrie still in the balance

Oakland A's pondering other opportunities with third baseman Brett Lawrie

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It's dinner time at the Winter Meetings which if the previous couple of days tells us anything its that transactions are to be made. Since yesterday, the Chicago White Sox and Oakland A's have been working on a deal to move Brett Lawrie to the South Side in exchange for two unknown minor leaguers.

As of this post, no deal has been made.

We also learned today that the talks between the Cincinnati Reds and Sox for Todd Frazier did happen.

But it seems those talks are dead unless Rick Hahn has a change of heart and includes Tim Anderson in a package for Frazier.

Now the "What if?" In the scenario that the White Sox can't get a deal done for Lawrie and Oakland decides to include him in another deal or keeps him, here are some contingency plans they can fall back on.

David Freese

Angels in a move of good faith did not extend a qualifying offer to Freese, in hopes of resigning him. Which could be a very smart decision as if they do resign him they are not at threat of losing a first round pick. He is the top third base free agent and if talks with the A's fall through, Hahn will need to be very quick to get involved with Freese.

Martin Prado

In the last year of his contract, Martin Prado talks have been non-existent this off-season. Perhaps the mentality of Miami Marlins ownership has changed after hiring Don Mattingly as manager and instead of tanking they reversed course in hopes to contend. Jose Fernandez talks have cooled significantly as it sounds no team could bundle enough talent to acquire him.

Juan Uribe

In case of desperation.

Nobuhiro Matsuda

While we wait patiently on the Lawrie front, Nobuhiro Matsuda may be closing in on signing as well. Nikkan Sports is reporting that the White Sox have shown some interest, but Matsuda may be getting an offer from the Padres in the next day or two.

Matsuda, 32, has played for the Softbank Hawks since 2006.  He hit .287/.357/.533 last season with 35 homers, but his 5'11, 187 pound size suggests that kind of output might be hard to repeat in the majors.

The Winter Meetings end tomorrow with the Rule 5 draft.