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Podcast: White Sox top prospects with Keith Law

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Here is the rundown for this week's episode of the South Side Sox Podcast:

  • Welcome back, Gordon Beckham. Jim discusses how Beckham can help the team, even though it's a bit annoying he's back.
  • ESPN's, Keith Law, becomes a friend of the podcast as he shares his Top 15 prospects for the White Sox. Why does it (or doesn't it) make sense for Rodon to start in the bullpen? Why Micah Johnson could win the starting gig? What are Courtney Hawkins' problems at the plate? What can we expect from this year's draft class?
  • Jim answers your questions in P.O. Sox, covering topics such as: What would it take to get Robin Ventura fired? What happens if Avisail Garcia sucks? Who could be a surprise contributor to the team in 2015? What was our favorite acquisition this offseason?

To listen, simply click play below:

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