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Podcast: Optimism is in the air

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Our 40th episode features how optimistic the front office and coaching staff has been in the opening days of Spring Training. This week's rundown:

  • Don Cooper is quite the happy man with the quality in this year's pitching arsenal. Jim discusses the modification in John Danks' approach to starting in 2015 and how Carlos Rodon needs to be prepared as a starter and a reliever, depending on what necessity arises.
  • Baseball America's Ben Badler joins the show to chat about the impact Jose Abreu has on this year's current crop of Cuban prospects (recorded before Yoan Moncada's signing). He shares his top international prospect list and how important a team's relationship with past Cuban players has on the decision making for newcomers.
  • Continue our player previews for 2015 with Abreu, Melky Cabrera, and Adam LaRoche.
  • Finally, we answer your questions this week in P.O. Sox. Topics include the ideal starting line, Chris Sale, and who is the fulcrum for the pitching staff in 2015.
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