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Terrobytes: Jesse Crain and Nate Jones continue to make progress

Nothing but good news so far for Crain and Jones, arguments that Quintana is the number two, and predictions on the Sox infield jobs for 2015.

Rich Pilling/Getty Images

Walking into spring training, Nate Jones and Jesse Crain were unknowns.  Jones faced five batters during the 2014 season before a series of injuries culminating in Tommy John surgery.  For Jesse Crain, this seemed like one of the nice gestures that we see from the White Sox every season.  Crain hadn't pitched in a game since the White Sox traded him to the Rays in 2013.  So far, though, the reports are good.

Jesse Crain has had several bullpen sessions over the past week, working up to 30 pitches per session.  More impressive is that he's been working in a fun repertoire of fastball, changeup, and slider.

Nate Jones isn't on the mound yet, but has started long tossing.  It's a start, but there's still a long road ahead.

"I’d assume we’re somewhere between halfway and three-quarters of the way," Jones said. "Somewhere around there in the program because 120 is a good distance, it’s a good piece back there. I’m just building up the arm strength and stamina and just trying to work towards getting on the mound."


Jeff Samardzija is the No. 3 starter - The Catbird Seat

He's going to be called an ace or the number two by a lot of the media.  Our friend James Fegan has made the very strong case that Jose Quintana's position on the staff actually hasn't changed.

As a side note, Jose Quintana will be starting the first game of the spring next Wednesday.


Jose Abreu and Friends: the 2015 Chicago White Sox Infield - Fangraphs

Rotographs talked with Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago about the White Sox about the White Sox infield and who could be leaving Arizona with the team.  They also put the Sox offseason into perspective.

As a team the Pale Hose were 12th in wOBA at .312 — just a percentage point behind the Indians and Brewers who tied for 10th. For all the perceived hand-wringing about the White Sox’ offense, the additions to this crew could take it from ‘pretty good’ to ‘among the league’s best’ in a hurry.

Dan Hayes also makes a prediction on who'll win the second base job, but you'll have to read to get that answer.