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The 7th Annual SSS Outing

Because spending real life time with internet friends is pretty awesome.

SSS Outing : 275 Days Injury-Free


You guys, it's time.  Time for another meeting of the minds, so to speak.  This year, our forces will combine in glory on Saturday, May 9th.

I know some of you have been up to procreating lately, and this year's outing falls on the day before Mother's Day.  Please plan and begin, uhhh, finessing accordingly.  (Showing up with a White Sox tote for her is guaranteed mega bonus points.)

We're taking it back to the National League opponents after a couple consecutive losses to AL teams.  This year will feature a 6:10 PM start against the Reds of Cincinnnattti.   There will be optional pregame and postgame festivities, as is tradition.  Flights to Chicago are still pretty dang cheap this time of year.  We would love to see you and knock back some of #datpunch in honor of based balls everywhere.

If you're interested in joining, please sign up in the comments section.  Within the next couple of weeks, I'd like to solidify a roster, engage my ticket guy on the particulars, and give them some money for our section.

So who's coming?