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Podcast: Good bye, Mr. White Sox

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The rundown for episode 41:

  • Tribute to Minnie: We remember Minoso's impact on and off the field. How he became a White Sox, providing an immediate boost to the ball club in his first at-bat.  His everlasting generosity to fans and despite the notion that his numbers are not "Hall worthy", the fact he excelled during a time of intense segregation is all that more impressive.

  • Chris Sale out 3 weeks (at least): KenWo joins me to discuss the impact of Sale missing the majority of Spring Training. What his possible timetable is for his return and how the team should work with a 4 man rotation to start the season.

  • PO Sox: Finally, we get to your questions this week from Facebook and Twitter. With Jim attempting to capture curling glory, Pnoles fills in to answers questions about Sale's injury, an innings cap for Carlos Rodon, and if the White Sox are in a win-win situation with Jeff Samardzija. For good measure, we also share who our #1 seeds would be in college basketball if the season ended today.
To listen, simply click play below:

Bonus material: Bob Vanderberg has some information that may answer the debate of  Minnie Minoso's real age.

For six decades he was born in 1922, and then out of nowhere someone started using 1925. Minnie always wanted to be and appear younger than what he really was.

Larry Doby told a story with a few of us at a downtown gathering, "I saw him the other day and said, 'Hey Minnie, how come when we roomed together ('56 and '57) you were two years older than me, and now you I'm a year older than you?'"

Whether he was 92, 90, or 89 at this point doesn't really matter. When you touch the many lives as Minoso did, in a way, you become immortal. I think his generosity is something that all man-kind should strive to.

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