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Podcast: What should Manfred do?

Commissioner of Major League Baseball has important decisions to make.

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Welcome to Podcast 44, and with Jim enjoying Washington D.C. this past weekend, Hazy and Pnoles picked up the slack in this week's show.

The rundown:

  • Adam Eaton's contract extension and how it sort of cements his role as the de facto leader for the Chicago White Sox.
  • There are a lot of agenda's on the table for Rob Manfred. Hazy gets to put on his commissioner pants on and dishes his ruling on the following: Pete Rose reinstatement, punishment for Josh Hamilton, reducing the schedule to 154 games, how to handle the regular season finale and if the league should pay attention to broadcast blackouts vs. addressing the pitching injury epidemic in baseball.
  • Finally, we get to your questions in this week's P.O. Sox, in which Pnoles serves as the mailman. This week's questions:

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