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Podcast: Risky Business

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The 42nd episode of the podcast focuses on the risks Chicago faces already after one week of Spring Training.

  • Jim shares his players that have most impressed after the first week and how the heated battle for second base is starting with a thud. He also agrees with Steve about how the media needs to mention service time when discussing how to handle Carlos Rodon.
  • May have been said over a dozen times already in 2015 that Spring Training stats are "meaningless" on South Side Sox. Perhaps, we were all wrong and that Spring Training performances do have an impact on the upcoming season. Dan Rosenheck from The Economist shares findings from his recent MIT/SLOAN presentation (PowerPoint) on why they matter, who it impacts the most, and what metrics to keep an eye on. No, it won't tell us anything new about Gordon Beckham, but it may be telling for the likes of Avisail Garcia and Adam Eaton. Plus, for those interested in joining his 20 team fantasy baseball league, spots are open and the buy in is $10,000.00. If interested, please email me.
  • Will "The Injury Expert" Carroll stops by to discuss why Yu Darvish needs Tommy John surgery and the miracles Herm Schneider performs. Especially with Chris Sale, who Carroll is keeping an eye on his progress as the White Sox are doing something that no other MLB team is doing for Sale's recovery.
  • Finally, we answer your questions in P.O. Sox, including this gem:

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