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Right on Q: White Sox Baseball is irksome

The White Sox start is annoying in a million different ways, but it's not yet time to pull the ripcord.

Tommy Milone will play the role of Bruce Chen.....
Tommy Milone will play the role of Bruce Chen.....
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

No, it is not time to panic.

But there is nothing wrong with venting.

The White Sox are one of two teams still looking for their first win.  The Milwaukee Brewers are now 0-4.  The Brew Crew lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday.  The Pirates, by the way, were another team that was in search of their first win.

The Sox aren't alone in the big offseason/bad first week club.

The Washington Nationals are 1-3

The Seattle Mariners are 1-3

The San Diego Padres, undisputed winners of the offseason, are 2-3.

The Atlanta Braves are undefeated, and they told the world on Opening Day that they were entering Rebuild Mode.

It's a funny game, this baseball.

On the other hand, all for Sox losses in 2015 have been ugly, ugly affairs.  Bad pitching, bad baserunning, bad offense.  The retooled White Sox were delivered around Christmas time, and the first week of the season is the baseball equivalent of discovering that your really awesome new toy doesn't work well at all.

Before we hit the panic button, before we call for players to be benched and coaches to be fired, we should remember this:  right now the White Sox have a distribution problem.

In years past, a crowd pleasing Opening Day performance was followed by four or five stinkers.  Unlike Opening Day, which was a packed house under a cloudless sky, the stinkers were on cold April nights in an empty ballpark.

For example, let's look back to the 2010 home opener.  It was a beautiful April day.  Sunny skies with highs in the 80's.  The Sox won 6-0 and Mark Buehrle did this:

The White Sox would go on to drop the next four games.  Win number two wouldn't come for another week, when they beat the Minnesota Twins 5-4.  They almost lost five in a row, but JJ Hardy was nice enough to get thrown out at home trying to score from first base on a Jim Thome double.

By April 22, the Sox were 5-11.  Thanks to a 26-5 run in June and July, the Sox finished that season with a record of 88-74.  Not good enough for the playoffs (the second Wild Card, had it existed, would have gone to Boston).  By October, the postmortem of the 2010 White Sox concerned the decision to forego the prototypical designated hitter.  The performance in the first week of the season was largely forgotten.

The Buherle thing was still cool, though.

While frustrating, the first week is hardly a season-killer.  If you want to be an optimist, you can believe that the White Sox are getting the bad out of the way.

Be sure to repeat the following:

Second wild card....

Second wild card....

Second wild card....

Second wild card....