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Podcast: Stumblin' out of the gate

Chicago White Sox Assistant General Manager, Buddy Bell, joins the show to share his excitement for the White Sox farm system.

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Here is this week's podcast rundown:

  • Jim breaks down what went wrong in the first 38 innings in 2015...and what has gone right the past 16 innings.
  • Buddy Bell stops by to discuss his excitement, and expectations, the White Sox organization has on prospects such as Carlos Rodon, Courtney Hawkins, and Trey Michalczewski.
  • We discuss the real possibility of Rodon being in the starting rotation in April.
  • With MLB and other professional sports tickets ditching ticket stubs in favor of digital tickets, Brad Griffith of Gametime joins the program to discuss why the move to digital tickets. Fun fact: Brad was Rick Hahn's "Math Intern" in 2005 and helped build the organizations statistical database to calculate defensive metrics. He shares what it was like in 2005 to track the data and work under Hahn.
  • Finally, we get to your questions in this week's P.O. Sox. Below are the questions Jim answered:

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