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A caw to arms: White Sox CMO issues Chris Sale nickname challenge

Chief Marketing Officer Brooks Boyer is challenging South Side Sox to get "The Condor" nickname to stick. The prize? Renaming the "K Zone" to "The Condor's Nest"

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David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

To help prep for Opening Day weekend for the Chicago White Sox, we invited CMO Brooks Boyer to join the South Side Sox podcast to share what will be new at U.S. Cellular Field in 2015. Don't want to spoil the interview as it will be played in its entirety on Monday morning during normal podcast time.

However, before Brooks left I felt it would be a great injustice if I didn't pitch a marketing idea to him. Not just any idea, the idea. Changing the "K Zone" to "The Condor's Nest."

His response:

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the CMO of our favorite baseball team is challenging the SSS faithful to make "The Condor" nickname stick for Chris Sale. It's not enough that has included this in his profile. A great start, but we as a community must rise up, pool our efforts and influence the masses to see the light.

I mean, just look at this picture. It totally makes sense.

Chris "The Condor" Sale

Yes, I put us on the hook to make shirts and stickers. I'll be more than happy to donate to the cause, but they better be good. Like so good, people will want to wear them on a Saturday morning in February because "its the last clean shirt they have cause its laundry day" good.

We will also need the faithful to wear said shirts for Chris Sale home start's. Need fellow fans to be amazed and feel their jealousy as they gaze upon "The Condor" apparel. Guide them to whatever online retailer we choose for them to make the purchase and spread the good word of our cause. Also we need stickers because stickers.

I have begun the process of creating a press kit for Mr. Boyer that will showcase the evidence that yes, this nickname does make sense and please keep an eye out for "The Condor" shirts at ball games. It will include shirts for not only Mr. Boyer, but also one for Chris Sale.  Perhaps another SSS meet up will be in order for a Chris Sale home start in section 154 to pilot "The Condor's Nest."

The gauntlet has been thrown and the opportunity is there to seize it. Are we capable to meet this challenge, spread "The Condor" gospel and walk hand in hand together as a community in our sweet shirts? If so, join with me to get this campaign off the ground. It will be arduous, but if we succeed, our legacy will be remembered for future White Sox blogging generations and for each fan who spends $20 dollars in 2016 to sit in "The Condor's Nest."

To begin, we need posters and lurkers to help this cause. Volunteer as tribute in the comments below.