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White Sox post an ugly finish to a bewildering April

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But hey, at least they fixed the bullpen

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There's a lot that's dumb right now about the 2015 White Sox, a team that finished April with an 8-11 record and should tell Minnie Minoso to pass along their thanks for not being worse off.

Thanks to a pair of shellackings at the hands of the Orioles and Twins the last two days, the White Sox finished with the worst run differential in the American League (-25). That makes their pythagorean record even uglier than their actual record, whether you round down or up (6.48 wins).

And the month closed in such disheartening fashion to boot -- Chris Sale getting rocked the day after Jeff Samardzija ate it, with an assist by the defense's saddest performance of the season. Throw in another sickly showing by the league's worst offense, and that's All U Can Eat awful.

But if you're a fan of irony, the dumbest part about all of this?


Maybe the White Sox just wanted Hawk Harrelson to stop talking about bullpens being the key to baseball, because out of seven relievers, five are throwing the ball as well as can be expected.

Tier 1

The big investments look the part.

David Robertson 2-0 0.00 8 3 0 0 0 1 17
Zach Duke 1-1 2.16 8.1 7 2 2 0 4 10

Tier 2

Dan Jennings: After giving up three runs in his first outing, he hasn't given up anything over his last seven, spanning 8⅓ innings.

Zach Putnam: One baserunner over his last five games (4⅓ innings), while striking out five.

Mott Carrolbers: Combining Matt Albers and Scott Carroll: 10⅔, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 HR, 1 BB, 7 K

Tier 3

That leaves Carlos Rodon and Jake Petricka, and neither has pitched terribly. They just haven't built up comparable bodies of work to erase their bad outings. But hell, even if they had aced their small samples, it's not like there would be a ton of high-leverage outings waiting for them, anyway. Robertson only pitched in three save situations all month.

Basically, this team used April to blow up all of the oft-repeated truisms about relief pitching we heard last season -- especially "your offense is only as good as your bullpen." The next time Harrelson says that, Robertson and his colleagues might have grounds to sue for slander.

Who wore it better?

Here's Adam Eaton's throw home at Target Field from Friday night:

Here's Alex Rios' throw home at Target Field back in 2010: