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Micah Johnson optioned to Triple-A Charlotte

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Early defensive struggles for Johnson and a sizzling hot Carlos Sanchez add up to a swapping of spots

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Despite several recent votes of confidence, the White Sox have made the move Jim discussed yesterday -- they optioned Micah Johnson to AAA Charlotte.

Johnson had played only 107 games above A-ball coming into the season, and it has shown defensively.  His -8 defensive runs saved is currently the AL low and is second only to Will Myers -9 for the major league "lead."  In case you were wondering, UZR doesn't like him much either, and he's in the bottom 10 there as well. (Adam Eaton, unfortunately, is second from the bottom in UZR.)

Offensively, it's been a struggle too. He's .270/.333/.297 with a wRC+ of 79. He's also 3-for-5 in stolen bases, which is a bit disappointing considering his speed.

The Sox haven't announced who will replace Johnson yet, but the only move that makes sense is calling up Carlos Sanchez.  Sanchez has been tearing up Charlotte in his fourth partial season there.  He's been hitting .344/.368/.466 since his return to Triple-A in April.

Update: Hahn says it's Sanchez.