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Podcast: The Turning Point

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After starting the season 12-16, the Chicago White Sox are back to .500 after a 5-1 road trip. Is this the turning point for the South Sider's as they head into a 7 game home stand vs. Cleveland and Minnesota?

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Episode 52 focuses on the Chicago White Sox recent surge getting back to .500 and entering a seven game home stand against division rivals, the Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins.

Here is the rundown:

  • What is going right for the White Sox, who are 7-3 in the past 10 games.
  • What to tell White Sox fans who are skeptical of the hot streak, seeing how that the White Sox beat up two of the worst team's in Major League Baseball.
  • Avisail Garcia leading the charge offensively. Is his recent performance sustainable and does it make sense for a line up shuffle to have Garcia bat ahead of Jose Abreu?
  • Friend of the Podcast, Seth Lakso, joins the show to share his experience talking to Micah Johnson after his demotion. Also the progression of Matt Davidson at third base defensively and how its not all confidence on why Erik Johnson is throwing harder.
  • Finally, we get to your questions in this week's P.O. Sox. Here are a few of the gems:

To listen, simply click on play below:

Finally, want to thank Seth Lakso for everything he has down for SSS. If you haven't heard, this was Seth's last weekend covering the Charlotte Knights beat. He was gracious to answer every email and make himself available by phone for the podcast to give us the inside scoop on the AAA affiliate. He'll be missed and whoever replaces him in Charlotte will have some big shoes to fill covering the Knights.

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