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Podcast: White Sox first quarter grades

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Dishing out grades for the Chicago White Sox after the first 40 games.

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After the successful road trip in Milwaukee and Oakland which got the Chicago White Sox back to .500 the team suffered another face plant, going 2-5 during a 7 game home stand against divisional rivals the Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins. Now at 19-22 and completing the quarter mark of the 2015 season, the White Sox have a lot of soul searching to do if they are going to make a run at the play-offs.

This rundown for episode 53:

  • Recapping the Paul Konerko ceremonies and predicting who could be the next player to get his number retired.
  • We grade each position's performance after the first quarter. Love to hear your feedback on the grades and would like to see how you grade the team in the comments below. 

    Jim Josh
    Starting Pitching C+ C
    Bullpen B+ B-
    Catcher D- F
    First Base B B-
    Second Base D- D-
    Shortstop F D
    Third Base D- D
    Left Field F D
    Center Field D F
    Right Field B+ C+
    DH D+ C
  • Finally, we get to your questions in P.O. Sox. Here are a couple of the gems we answered:

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