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How bad is bad really?

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In my time as a White Sox fan, I've become immune to the cries of "dumpster fire" or "worst team ever" that often popup in the White Sox Facebook comments or on Twitter.  After Monday's bad loss though, I really thought it's time to take a look at the numbers. So Monday night, I took a bit of time to see how bad is bad really.

It's bad.
  • Last in the AL in Home Runs and 28th out of 30 in MLB
  • The teams nine stolen bases are last in MLB.
  • Team ISO of .108 is last in the AL and 29th in MLB.
  • Last in the AL in slugging and 29th in MLB.
  • 26th in MLB and 14th in AL in wOBA
  • 28th in wRC+ in MLB and last in the AL.
  • Tied for ninth in caught stealing with 12, but they're also the only major league team with fewer than 10 stolen bases.
  • The Sox and the Dodgers are the only team with a SB% less than 50%.
  • Not surprising... UBR (Ultimate Base Running) of -5.2 is last in MLB.
  • BB% of 6.6% is 26th in the majors.  Royals are the only AL team lower than the Sox.
  • Batting fWAR of -0.8 is the worst in the majors and the White Sox are the only team that is negative.
  • 41 GIDPs is second only to Detroit.
  • RE24 for batting of -29.57 is second from the bottom.
  • Defensive Runs Saved for the team of -24 is second to last.
  • If you were hoping for some regression, the team's BABIP is .298.

On the bright side, there's still the Phillies.

Actually, there is some hope though.  As you might have noticed, there's not a single pitching stat up there.

At first glance, the teams pitching stats seem to be in the middle of the pack, but a few things stand out.  The relievers have an xFIP- of 91 which is tied for sixth in the majors and second to the Astros in the AL.  They also lead MLB relievers with a whopping 54.4% GB%.  That's good, right?  Something to be hopeful for?  Either that or the bullpen's the first to go when the blowup occurs.