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Robin Ventura: World's Strongest Man(ager)

White Sox skipper saves his 245-pound catcher's life with an over-the-shoulder snag in the dugout

With two outs in the fourth inning of tonight's game, Astros DH Evan Gattis hit a pop foul toward the White Sox dugout on the third-base side.

Minute Maid Park is not Tyler Flowers' home park, and he showed it when he hit the waist-high railing and tumbled head-first toward the cement floor of the dugout.

And White Sox manager Robin Ventura showed how strong he is by catching a 6-foot-4-inch, 245-pound catcher over his shoulder, and holding him there until helped arrived.

This angle gives you the best idea of Flowers' track to the dugout:

Ventura Flowers 1 GIF

This one gives you the best angle of Ventura's rescue:

Ventura Flowers 3

And this angle just hammers the point home.

Ventura Flowers 2 GIF

The beat writers should see if Ventura's spine will allow him to tie his shoes after the game.


And while you're here for GIFs, here's Lance McCullers landing a combo in the first inning on Adam Eaton and Hank Conger.

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If Hawk Harrelson weren't taking the road trip off for a minor procedure, he'd still be laughing about that one.