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Podcast: Beginning of the end?

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With the Chicago White Sox playing sloppy baseball leading to an 8-14 record and sitting in last place, seems the team is looking at a fork in the road. Will the losing stop and the team beings to play up to their expectations?

Or, will the front office decide its time to replace Manager Robin Ventura?

The 50th episode rundown:

  • What will it take for the White Sox to bounce back?
  • With fans and the Chicago media doubting Ventura's abilities to manage this team, can this public display of dissatisfaction be a distraction?
  • Look ahead at the series vs. Detroit and Cincinnati.
  • Friend of the Podcast, Dan Syzmborski, joins to share what ZiPS is projecting for award winners and play-off teams after one month.
  • Hazy and Pnoles make their picks for April's the good, bad, and ugly performances.
  • Finally, your questions in P.O. Sox.
To listen, simply click play below:

Thanks to those that have been listening since the very beginning. 50 episodes is a minor milestone, but this show has come a long way since the first episodes. Your feedback has been crucial to the show's success and looking forward to the next 50.

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