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Podcast: Tale of two series

It was the week pitching excellence and the week of offensive ineptitude. It was the week of rising hope and it was the weekend of dour despair. Clubhouse tranquility and behind closed doors screaming matches.

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Episode 56 is in the books and here is the show's rundown:

  • It was the best of times as the Sox swept the AL West leading Houston Astros, and it was the worst of times as they were swept in Tampa.
  • The awesomeness of Chris Sale, Carlos Rodon and Jose Quintana.
  • If Adam Eaton's shouting match is on the same level as Chris Sale's in 2012.
  • Alexei Ramirez's struggles in the field.
  • Review of the MLB Draft. Trying to figure out how Carson Fulmer fits in the grand scheme and share our enticing prospects outside of Fulmer.
  • Feature about Abreu's Amigos, a new outreach program by the White Sox, Jose Abreu and Easter Seals.
  • Answer your questions in P.O. Sox, featuring these gems:

To listen, simply click play below:

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