White Sox play is not A-OK

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

After another demoralizing loss that sucked the wind out of Chris Sale’s historical performance, fans and media were yet again to wonder what is going on with the White Sox? It’s more than just the team can’t hit. Defensively, Chicago is one of the worst in the league, again. TOOTBLAN’s are a plenty and Robin Ventura insists penciling Alexei Ramirez in the lineup.

71 games into the season and fans are witnessing the same mistakes that the roster has made since Opening Day. Despite the numerous behind-closed door meetings, the results on the field haven’t changed. One would figure that being double digit games back from first place would spark some type of urgency to turn this ship around.

As the official mouthpiece for the 2015 season, Adam Eaton spoke about the difference in managerial styles between Ventura and his former boss in Arizona, Kirk Gibson.

"I’ve played for two managers with polar opposite styles and I really enjoy Robin’s because he’s laid back,’’ Eaton said.

""Skip knows that we know that we’re struggling and need to play better and get back on track. He doesn’t need to have a rah-rah meeting every third day. We have good clubhouse camaraderie in here, good guys who police us and get us on the right track.’’

"With Robin’s style and strategies of letting guys play their game, knowing we’re professionals and taking every at-bat relaxed is good.’’

Remember when you were little and had that cool babysitter? One that pretty much let you do anything as long as you didn’t kill yourself. That when you misbehaved they didn’t know what to do. When they tried to deliver punishment, you ignored them because they weren’t your Dad.

I feel like Robin Ventura is the cool babysitter and the kids are acting up.

Perhaps Eaton is trying his best to conceal the White Sox problems. Or he's tone deaf. Either way it doesn’t explain that if the players are comfortable, the clubhouse is calm, and playing for Ventura is enjoyable, why aren’t the results?

Fans care little about clubhouse camaraderie when the team is double digit losses behind in the division. They care about the direct result on the field and the fact they continue to repeat the same mistakes suggests that the players themselves are too comfortable under Ventura. That poor play from the likes of Ramirez or Eaton doesn’t result in a benching is Ventura being too lenient.

Which is why Rick Hahn needs to be in Detroit this weekend. If this clown show continues the players can hear the dissatisfaction straight from the man who directly impacts their employment status. Maybe that will be the wake up call this team desperately needs.

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