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White Sox podcast: MLB Draft 2015 Preview

Director of Amateur Scouting, Doug Laumann, joins the show to give us insight on what the White Sox are thinking will happen on draft day.

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Here is the rundown for the 55th episode of the South Side Sox podcast.

  • Rick Hahn believes that the arrow is pointing up for the White Sox, despite the team winning only 8 out of their past 20 games. Jim discusses why the White Sox arrow is not pointing up...but it's not pointing down, either.
  • Continuing our MLB Draft coverage, Director of Amateur Scouting, Doug Laumann, stops by for his annual visit to chat about what the team is thinking will happen in the first round. Great insight on how the White Sox breakdown pitchers and how attitude preparing for a game helps determine if a pitcher is more suited to be a starter vs. a reliever.
  • We mock our 1st round pick for the White Sox.
  • He gave us a glimpse of what life would be like without Hawk Harrelson calling games for the White Sox. Chuck Swirsky was kind of enough to share his experience filling in for Hawk, how the opportunity came to be, and how future broadcasts can incorporate sabermetrics into the presentation.
  • Finally, we get your questions in P.O. Sox. Topics include: Jose Quintana trade value, Jeff Samardzija getting a qualifying offer from the Sox, and what would be considered a successful season knowing what we know now.
To listen simply click play below:

We will have a special edition of the South Side Sox podcast as we go live 6-7 pm CST to cover the first round. We will answer questions in the live chat and tweets while breaking down the selections. To listen visit

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