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Tyler Saladino recalled from Charlotte, Nate Jones begins rehab assignment in Winston-Salem

Scott Carroll was sent back to Charlotte after last nights game, so a move was expected today. Surprise, it isn't another pitcher.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The White Sox announced two moves today.  First, they have recalled infielder Tyler Saladino from Charlotte.  Also, Nate Jones is starting a rehab assignment in Winston-Salem.

Since the last checkin with Tyler Saladino on June 26th, Saladino has hit .283/.333/.457 with two homers and six stolen bases, although his .268 BABIP over that time is still a concern to watch.  Of course, as I write this, concerns are being thrown to the wind by the White Sox by having him bat second in his first major league game and start outside of his normal position.

The question now is how long Saladino will be here.  The Sox have had problems with having enough position players available in the games they've played at National League parks.  With three games at Wrigley this weekend followed by the All-Star break, Saladino might be getting just a cup of coffee similar to what Carlos Sanchez had last season.  The Sox also have a doubleheader next Friday after the break, so I would think Saladino should be around through the first game.

This could be the start of longer term moves.  Saladino is a stronger fielder than Sanchez, Conor Gillaspie, and Emilio Bonifacio. He also can probably hit as well as one of these guys.

Conor Gillaspie .238 .277 .366
Gordon Beckham .195 .260 .314
Alexei Ramirez .229 .255 .299
Carlos Sanchez .170 .210 .222
Emilio Bonifacio .151 .173 .164
Chris Sale .167 .167 .167

In Jim fashion, the anagram "Darn Loyalties" could be appropriate.

The Nate Jones rehab assignment is certainly good news.  Jones pitched in two games last season before being sidelined with back problems that plagued him through the spring.  While rehabbing after a back procedure, he tore his UCL and spent the rest of the season on the DL after Tommy John surgery.

His rehab got a little more visible this past week when he threw from the mound at US Cellular Field and touched 100 mph.  Jones will start his rehab today at Winston-Salem and will probably move to Charlotte shortly after that if everything is going well.

Since Saladino was already on the 40-man roster and Jones remains on the 60-day DL, the 40-man stays at 39.