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Your Sunday Jeff Samardzija update

No news is good news, I guess.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Officially, all's quiet on the Jeff Samardzija trade front.  Except for the Erik Johnson part.

Erik Johnson was originally scheduled to pitch for Charlotte last night until early Saturday afternoon when the starter was switched to TBD.  Eventually, Johnson's next start was pushed to Tuesday, which is the same day as Jeff Samardzija's next scheduled start.  Officially, both teams have no starters listed yet for Tuesday.

Faced with a similar dilemma in 2013, the White Sox called up Andre Rienzo prior to trading Jake Peavy to take Peavy's last scheduled start.  It's possible that the Sox are following a similar game plan with Johnson next week.


Johnny Cueto was nearly traded to the Royals was nearly completed yesterday.  Before the Reds's game Saturday, Cueto, unfortunately, found out from a teammate.

Cueto and Michael Lorenzen both warmed up before the Reds' game with the Rockies last night.  With the trade cancelled, Cueto threw eight shutout innings for the Reds.

Ultimately, the trade fell through due to medical concerns with one of the players going to Cincinnati.  This still means that the Royals are shopping for a starter.  This could just mean that they'll reshuffle the cards and try again with the Reds on Sunday or maybe they'll look elsewhere for a starter.