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The White Sox are rumored to be in on Cespedes, Justin Upton

In a complete 180 from earlier this week, the Sox are rumored to be in the market. For Upton and Cespedes. Buying. Yes, buying.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a seven game winning streak will make.  The White Sox are rumored to be in the market and looking for hitters.  Earlier this week, the Sox were rumored to be shopping Jeff Samardzija for a pretty high price tag.  Since that time, the Sox have kept on winning.  They've passed the Tigers to move into third place in the AL Central.  The Blue Jays were the team most mentioned in the Samardzija, but now the Sox are a half game behind the Blue Jays for the second wild card.  They are also two and a half games behind the Twins for the second wild card and second place in the division.  The Sox seem to be in the market now as buyers.

It all kind of started yesterday, when this tweet came out.

It was a little odd at the time, but now we know why a reporter for the Detroit Free Press would know why the White Sox are buyers.

It also hasn't stopped there.  The White Sox may be in on the Justin Upton market too.

As of now, these are just vague rumors.  Are they looking to get one or both?  Who would go?  We'll keep you posted as we somehow watch the Sox, Tigers, Padres, and the all the assorted minor league teams as the night goes on.


The White Sox were part of a minor trade earlier today.  The White Sox have reported acquired Justin Sellers from the Pittsburgh Pirates.  With Tyler Saladino, Carlos Sanchez, and Leury Garcia all playing for the White Sox and Micah Johnson injuring his ankle last night, the Sox need an extra glove in the Charlotte infield.