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White Sox bring Carson Fulmer into the fold

First-round pick signs for slot-value bonus and shares the wealth

Carson Fulmer with Jim Palmer
Carson Fulmer with Jim Palmer
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Carson Fulmer is in the fold, and he wasted no time making a strong impression on the White Sox organization.

The eighth-overall pick in the 2015 draft received a slot-value bonus of $3,470,600, and he donated $10,000 of it to the Amateur City Elite program.

"I definitely wanted to give back somehow," Fulmer said. "Coming into an organization that believes in the ACE program, really sticks with it, that was definitely a group I wanted to donate to and give back, especially with the organization behind it all.

"It was just a special opportunity for me to give back, especially with the organization I’m a part of now and to help kids that are going through tough situations or just need a little extra help moving forward." [...]

"That was 100 percent on his own, he brought up the idea," [Rick] Hahn said. "He came up with the idea, he researched it, he said why don't I do this. ... He is a class individual, we're looking to have him for his ability and for his role as a potential leader for this club."

(Fulmer was teammates with Ro Coleman, an ACE alum who earned a scholarship to Vanderbilt.)

While Fulmer is one of the later first-round picks to sign, there wasn't any reason to rush. Thanks to the additional starts in the College World Series, he's already thrown more innings this year (128) than Carlos Rodon threw between college and pro ball last year (123). Fulmer has taken some time off, and a little more rest is in order, although he said he's ready to resume pitching right now.

Plus, Hahn was just down in the Dominican Republic for the July 2 signings. One thing at a time.

David Haugh predicts Fulmer will be fast-tracked:

But there's no real reason to buy into that line. Hahn said "there's no rush or urgency" to push him through the system, noting the workload. Plus, the Sox just resisted the urge to promote Rodon to the majors the year he was drafted, and he had more things going for him (fewer innings, workable lefty reliever arsenal, less bullpen depth).

In Fulmer's in-game interview with Steve Stone, he said he expected to report to Arizona on July 10. Based on that timeline and the Sox' history with other collegiate pitchers, I'd guess that Fulmer ends up with around 140-145 innings total this year, and none at the MLB level.

A few more things:

*Over the 7½-minute interview, Fulmer said "definitely" 19 times by my unofficial count. "Obviously" made a late run, but fell a little short at 17..

*Fulmer also said "the willingness to win" twice. Hawk Harrelson will be in charge of simplifying his delivery there.

*The Sox have $104,000 remaining in their draft pool, and $471,274 to offer to any one of their remaining late-round high-school fliers without losing a future draft pick.