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Podcast: Chris Sale goes for the record.

Already tying Pedro Martinez's mark of eight straight games with 10+ strikeouts, Sale gets a chance to break it vs. the hottest hitting team in the AL.

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Episode 59 is live and brought to you by Gametime. To help support the podcast, download Gametime in the Google Play or iPhone app store. Use promo code "SouthSideSox" in share promotions on the menu screen and receive $10 dollars off on your first purchase. With tickets going less than $10 dollars on Gametime for White Sox games, you can get yourself a free ticket to a game.

Here is this week's rundown:

  • We debate if Chris Sale can break the record for consecutive games with at least 10 strikeouts against a Toronto Blue Jays offense that is one of the best in all of MLB. Plus we examine how his fastball has been the key difference maker during this streak.
  • Dan Szymborski joins the program to share his opinion on why a team would have to buy Jeff Samardzija off the White Sox vs. the south siders selling him off. He shares what ZiPS is projecting for the 2nd half and who could make a surprise run in the 2nd half.
  • Brooks Boyer, CMO for the  White Sox, gives us the inside scoop on the World Series Reunion that is set for July 17-19th. Plus he shares new deals for tickets and giveaways that are first announced on the show.
  • Finally, we get to your questions in P.O. Sox. Here are the gems:

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