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Podcast: Time for a culture change?

With White Sox fans fed up with the team's play since 2013, is it time to get out with the old and bring in the new?

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If White Sox fans want visable change, how about replacing Hawk Harrelson for starters.
If White Sox fans want visable change, how about replacing Hawk Harrelson for starters.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Podcast 64 is live and brought to you by Connie's Pizza. This episode has a central theme of focusing on the White Sox culture. Here is the rundown:

  • What has been the difference in play between pre-trade deadline White Sox and post-trade deadline? Should the White Sox still strive for .500 and second place finish in the AL Central? Or, should they let the rookies play and fall in the bottom 10 to secure a protected first round pick in 2016?
  • While it was difficult to watch the weekend series against the Kansas City Royals at times, the duo of Hawk Harrelson and Scott Podsednik didn't make it better. Not that it was Podsednik's fault as you can chalk up his silence due to nervousness and being green to the experience, but it's not like this was the first time the TV broadcast booth has been quiet. After this weekend, is it truly time for Hawk to step away? (Begins at 25:30 mark)
  • P.O. Sox had a lot of questions this week and here are a couple that made it on the show (Begins at 43:30 mark):

To listen, simply click play below:

A couple of programming notes:

  • Will be hosting a live post-game show on Wednesday night (August 12th) after the conclusion of Chicago White Sox vs. Anaheim Angels game. Can listen to that show on
  • Friday, August 14th we will be posting our second edition of the Crosstown Classic preview.

This week's podcast is sponsored by Connie's Pizza. They are offering free parking and shuttle service to U.S. Cellular Field for White Sox games at 2373 S. Archer Avenue. A great idea for those fans attending the Crosstown Classic weekend series against the Cubs August 14-16.

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