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Cubs 6, White Sox 3: Mistakes were made

Mental and physical blunders abound as game goes downhill in middle innings

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

In Robin Ventura parlance, this game is just one of those that deserves an inventory of mistakes, rather than a full-blown recap

Bottom of the fourth: With the game tied at 1, Avisail Garcia leads off with an infield single. He steals second -- because Starlin Castro did an amazing job of outlining Garcia's leg without actually tagging him. He then advanced to third on Adam LaRoche's groundout. But neither Alexei Ramirez (comebacker), Carlos Sanchez (strikeout) or Tyler Flowers (strikeout) could cash him in. And that was with Garcia getting yet another life when Kris Bryant dropped the ball after Garcia was caught between third and home on Ramirez's bouncer to the mound.

Top of the fifth inning: Jose Quintana loses a two-out battle with Addison Russell, giving up a double on a full count after getting ahead 1-2. Robin Ventura then calls for the intentional walk to Dexter Fowler to bring up Kyle Schwarber, which is curious in its own right. The pitch selection compounds the problem -- although Schwarber is struggling with the breaking ball, Flowers calls for a fastball on the inside corner. Quintana only gets the inner half, and Schwarber lines it to right for a single.

Garcia almost saved Quintana the run with a quick, strong throw home. While Flowers had to catch it at the back of the left-handed batter's box, he still had time to reach across and put a tag on Russell before he slid in. But for whatever reason -- an uncertain handle on the ball, or just not a good effort -- Flowers didn't get good extension on his tag attempt, and Russell got his foot in for a 2-1 lead.

Bottom of the fifth: Adam Eaton leads off with a walk, but is doubled off on a Jose Abreu lineout. He wasn't close to getting back. Falling down didn't help.

Top of the sixth: With one out, Quintana gets Anthony Rizzo to hit a routine fly to left center. Eaton tracks it unconvincingly, as he can't pick up the ball. But he doesn't effectively communicate it to Melky Cabrera, and by the time he finds it, it's behind him. He tries to backtrack, but it almost takes him into Cabrera, who wants to help Eaton but doesn't know how. The ball drops for a "double."

Jorge Soler follows with a single to left. Cabrera then puts an error on the board by airmailing the throw home, which Quintana was not backing up.

Top of the seventh: Jake Petricka allows a leadoff single, but he fields Russell's bunt with time to throw to second. A double-clutch prevents him from doing so, but he takes the out at first, so there's that. After an infield single puts runners on the corners, Zach Duke comes in to face Schwarber.

Duke does the job, fielding Schwarber's chopper back to the mound. But he takes a little too much time getting the ball to second for the force, and it's a high throw to Ramirez. Ramirez then makes a flat-footed throw to first, which Jose Abreu can't scoop. Instead of an inning-ending 1-6-3 double play, it's a 1-6 putout, an E-6, and the run scores to make it a 4-2 game.

Duke's night goes downhill from there. He walks Bryant on a borderline pitch, one of a few that doesn't go the Sox' way that inning. Rizzo brings in another run with a single, and when Robin Ventura pulls Duke, he has words with Joe West on the way back to the dugout, triggering an ejection.

Bottom of the ninth: With two outs, Adam Eaton draws a walk to keep the game alive. It never gets to Abreu or Cabrera, though, because Tyler Saladino is hitting second, and Hector Rondon overpowers him for the game-ending strikeout.

And so the Sox dropped a third straight game to the Cubs, and on a night when Jake Arrieta didn't pitch all that well.

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