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White Sox designate Emilio Bonifacio for assignment

Seldom-used super-utility man off roster to make room for J.B. Shuck; Jose Abreu is back in the second spot

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

A couple of news items before the finale of of the White Sox-Cubs series gets underway in an hour ...

Emilio Bonifacio was designated for assignment

It looks like Trayce Thompson's job is safe for the rest of the year, as the White Sox DFA'd Bonifacio to make room for J.B. Shuck, who was reinstated from the disabled list after a brief rehab stint.

This move was a long time coming, as Bonifacio hit .167/.198/.192, and over only 82 plate appearances. Saying "only" makes it sound like the joke in that Woody Allen movie ("The food at this place is terrible ... and such small portions!"), but I imagine the lack of playing time played into it. Once Gordon Beckham established himself as Robin Ventura's backup infielder and Bonifacio stopped being able to steal bases -- he was 1-for-5, and he should've been 0-for-5 -- there was no natural way to get him playing time.

It reached new levels in July, as he only made one start and received seven plate appearances. So while it seems as though Robin Ventura really likes having a Swiss Army knife on the bench -- Leury Garcia replaced Bonifacio during his stint on the disabled list -- he shouldn't have to squirm too much, because Bonifacio's versatility was never really exercised.

Tyler Saladino is no longer hitting second

Jose Abreu is, and thus a small measure of order is restored to the world.