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Updates: Dave Dombrowski to Boston, so Toronto's still open

Plus: Revisiting our London White Sox fan's visit, and Hawk Harrelson punches down

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Once Larry Lucchino and the Boston Red Sox parted ways, the recently fired Dave Dombrowski looked like as good a fit as any for their vacant president position.

Nevertheless, the speed with which the two sides agreed to terms surprised everybody. The Red Sox announced the hiring of Dombrowski (and the subsequent phasing out of GM Ben Cherington) on Tuesday night, and nobody beat them to the punch.

Dombrowski had a number of potential suitors. Besides Boston, Milwaukee and Anaheim had immediate openings in their front offices, Toronto had a job opening up, and the Mariners -- hell, Ken Rosenthal said "many within the game think Dombrowski will land in Seattle."

But nope -- Boston. That makes it easy to compartmentalize. For White Sox and Kenny Williams, the possibility of a transition to Toronto, what with its Tim Horton's and milk in bags, is as alive at it was before Dombrowski became available. The swiftness of moves like these does make it a little harder to think much of developments that are supposedly months in the making, though.


Last month, Josh posted an interview with Rich Pearson, a White Sox fan from London whose visit to U.S. Cellular Field was made all the more memorable after Josh enlisted the Sox' help.

The White Sox have now posted the video of it as part of their #SoxStories campaign. Harold Baines plays a prominent role.


A couple notes from Tuesday's broadcast:

No. 1: Hawk Harrelson's call of a Tyler Saladino highlight-reel play in the first inning took a strange turn, and rather abruptly. You can hear the start of it in the highlight clip:

He continued:

"You know, there's a guy -- was going through our notes before the game ... this guy who wrote an article, his name is Kyle Theel, Theeley or something -- I don't know who he is, I've never heard of him -- that was comparing Saladino to Brooks Robinson.

"Kyle, I gotta tell you one of two things, buddy: either you've got bad hearing, or you're a complete moron. I would say it's probably the latter."

Steve Stone, as usual, volunteered no additional words, so the ad hominem lingered for a few pauses too long.

Once I found the "article" in question -- it's a quick-hit blog-type post found easily via Googling -- I could start to understand why Harrelson felt compelled to respond, because it's under the Sun-Times banner and it's shoddy work. It says Harrelson compared Saladino to Robinson, but there are no direct quotes or context otherwise that explains why it came up or how he did it. Add a few rote, condescending paragraphs about how Robinson was really good and Saladino isn't, and that's some Web content.

(As somebody who has a mild interest in Harrelson's historical comparisons, it completely misses the spirit of the thing. You can take any number of those superlatives and #actually it, and whatever you wrote would bring the "Bag Hutch" commercial to mind.)

Alas, just because it has a Sun-Times banner on it doesn't mean it's worth responding to, because its website and its network are a mess of headlines -- some legit reporting, some churned-out microblogging, and other stuff randomly aggregated (like South Side Sox, for instance). None of that should be pursued in broadcasts. Hell, sniping at a lead columnist or radio host doesn't even accomplish its objective, which is why market leaders avoid punching down to any degree. If he keeps bristling at filler like this, he's going to get fined for not calling JULIE first.

Fortunately, John Danks gave up a resounding homer to Albert Pujols to change the subject. That an opponent's no-doubt blast brought relief should be telling.

No. 2: Speaking of dropping the ball with Harrelson, there's apparently a commercial that recalls his thoroughly memorable and enjoyable REDDICKDUDNMOOOOOOOOOOOOO call.

Revisiting Happy Hawk highlights as an antidote to Sour Hawk seems like a winning strategy, right?

I need to see this. I need to weep with you.