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Podcast: Central Talk

To avoid beating on the same dead horses each week we take a look at how the AL Central is faring.

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On this week's show we take a look at Chris Sale's struggles against the Minnesota Twins. During the radio broadcast, Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson had a theory that Sale was tipping his pitches. Obviously, teams wait on his fastball and struggling against one team is nothing new for Sale. As Jim mentioned his struggles against the Cleveland Indians back in 2013.

That topic, and more on the rundown:

  • With the Condor at 250 strikeouts, does he have enough left in the tank to break the single-season strikeout record of 269 held by Ed Walsh?
  • To stop beating the same dead horses each week, we take a look at each of the team's in the AL Central, staring with Minnesota's unexpected play-off run in 2015. Can the Twins sneak in this year?
  • With Mark Shapiro taking the job Kenny Williams wanted in Toronto, the Indians have a vacancy for President. How will they fill that role and can they finish above .500?
  • Detroit is having its share of drama this week. Announcing...and then denouncing the firing of manager Brad Ausmus. White Sox fans should pay attention to how Detroit is handling this because its why Chicago's front office is not very transparent in their business dealings.
  • Johnny Cueto struggles continue, as the Baltimore Orioles hit four home run's against the ace on Sunday. If he can't return to his prime form, will that significantly hinder the Kansas City Royals chances of returning to the World Series?
  • Finally, your questions in P.O. Sox. Here are the gems we answered:

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