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Podcast: White Sox leadership void

Is not having a Paul Konerko-like leader a reason for Chicago's struggles in 2015? Or, is the lack of a clubhouse leader the result of poor play?

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Seems like Robin Ventura isn't getting much help from his players in the leadership department.
Seems like Robin Ventura isn't getting much help from his players in the leadership department.
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Episode 70 focuses on a recent column penned by Bruce Levine from 670 the Score. Shinning a light on the lack of a clubhouse leader for the White Sox in 2015. Is this void due to lack of leaders in the clubhouse? Or, is it because of poor play from many that thought would be consider the leaders (Adam LaRoche, Gordon Beckham)? Also, is it even important in baseball today to have a leader like Paul Konerko? Do teams benefit more having the likes of Juan Uribe in the clubhouse?

We address these points in the first segment on the show and more in the rundown:

  • People surrounding baseball are still talking about the gruesome collision between Pittsburgh's Jung Ho Kang and Chicago Cubs, Chris Coghlan. Kang's injury (out 6-8 months) does question if the take out slide should still be a part of today's game. Especially with implementation of Rule 7.13 that reduces the likelihood of home plate collisions. How can baseball enforce a rule to avoid wide take out slides, but still give baserunner's the ability to break up a double play?
  • Finally, we answer your questions in P.O. Sox which cover topics as Gordon Beckham's future with the White Sox, bad contract swap deals, and this gem:

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