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Micah Johnson to rejoin White Sox and the middle infield logjam

Jon Durr/Getty Images

With Charlotte and Birmingham ending their seasons on Monday, any additional callups the White Sox want to make can now happen. Well, callup, it seems.

Yes, Micah Johnson will likely be returning the the White Sox today. His return, however, brings with it the middle infield logjam we saw at Charlotte at 2014 with the additions of both Leury Garcia and Alexei Ramirez. With Johnson's spotty defense at second, there's been some hope for years that a move to the outfield would be his best long-term hope. In one of the more baffling quotes of the season, Robin Ventura says no.

Some have suggested that Johnson's speed profiles well in the outfield, but don't look for the White Sox to give him that debut opportunity in September.

"I mean, you would like to, but they would have done that down there in Triple-A where he was," said Ventura of Johnson in the outfield. "So, if they haven't done that there yet, there probably won't be a shot at doing it up here."

It's OK, Robin. I know they were blowouts, but I won't tell everyone that you did that with Hector Gimeneztwice, during the playoff run in 2012.

Oh sorry.

Kidding aside, this goes against the "Robin fills out the lineup card" quote that Rick Hahn uses regularly.  If Robin wants to see what he can do in the outfield, he can stick a 7, 8, or 9 next to his name.  Whether it's fear of injury or fear of being bad out there, the organization seems to have decided against the move.  Whether Robin is really against it or not remains to be seen.