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White Sox Rumors: Justin Upton is signing with Detroit

... and then there was one

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Reports are coming out of Detroit that the Tigers are signing outfielder Justin Upton.  Things started very innocently with a report on Twitter from Ken Rosenthal that the Tigers were talking with Upton.  Very quickly that turned from talking into a report of a 6-year, $125 million deal with Upton to play in Detroit.

Of the four big free agent outfielders this offseason, Yoenis Cespedes is now that last man standing.  In the slowly moving market this offseason, it had started to look like Upton and Cespedes were starting to talk with teams about deals of less that five years with some mention of one or two year deals for either of them.  Obviously, that didn't happen for Upton.  With Jason Heyward getting eight years, Alex Gordon getting four and an option, and Upton getting six, the idea of Cespedes settling for less than five years seems unlikely.  With reports that the White Sox are not going above three years, it could be a raucous time at Sox Fest this year.

Update (9:10 pm):

Just after hitting the publish button, more details on Justin Upton's contract come out.