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White Sox have a new look for Spring Training


Major League Baseball unveiled new Spring Training uniforms today. the Chicago White Sox' look is newer than most, it has people talking.

The Sox unis are utilizing the "Batter Man" from the well-loved 1983 look, while still using the current Sox logo on the sleeve. Every team's caps will have the Spring Training logo on the side as MLB is attempting to brand Spring Training as a vacation destination. I'm not sure yet what type of pants will go with the black top, but assuming it will be the pinstripes like the team usually wears when paired with the alt-black jerseys. Typically, all-black attire is not recommended while outside in Arizona, but the average high in February/March is slightly above 70 degrees. Hopefully we won't see any players faint from heat exhaustion.

Fans will have to wait purchasing the new caps and jerseys, as MLB has yet to announce when the new apparel will be on sale.