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Podcast: 2016 Chicago White Sox pitching review

We recap how the pitching staff fared for the Chicago White Sox in 2016, plus coverage of the MLB postseason.

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Episode 114 is in the bag and hopefully it is a wonderful distraction away from last night's Presidential debate.

Here is this week's rundown:

  • Bullpen management has been a hot topic in this year's MLB postseason and something we have noticed is how quickly managers are pulling starters out of games. Are teams relying on bullpens too much in the early going? Or, are the starters not pulling through? We also offer our biggest surprises and disappointments so far in the playoffs.
  • Beginning our 2016 reviews is looking back at the performance of the Chicago White Sox pitching staff. Recapping the season is larry, who answers about Chris Sale's contact management strategy, where Carlos Rodon falls on the progression curve, what will the White Sox do with James Shields, and what is David Robertson's future with the ballclub?
  • Finally, we get to your P.O. Sox questions this week that includes a terrific topic from a texter. 1

    If you could add any one thing to 'new' Guaranteed Rate Field that is currently featured in another stadium, what would it be? #POSox

    Jim suggested serving coffee at the ballpark and me, of course, would love to see Spotted Cow as a beer option, but we both agree that the White Sox should have it's own Hall of Fame to honor the all-time Sox greats. Love to hear your suggestions in the comments below. 

    Also, these questions were answered on the show:

To listen, click play below:

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