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White Sox Rumors: Sox hire Chris Getz as new Director Of Player Development

Here’s the outside hire you were all hoping for.

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The White Sox have heard your pleas to hire outside the organization to help fill posts. Earlier today, Scott Merkin reported that the White Sox did just that by hiring their new Director of Player Development from the Royals front office. Say hello to outsider Chris Getz!

Oh, so, not the outsider you expected. Well, let’s catch up on Chris Getz. Getz first joined the White Sox in 2005 when they drafted him in the fourth round. This came after being drafted by the Sox in sixth round in 2002. Getz made it to the majors in 2008 for seven games over a few cups of coffee. In 2009, Getz became the opening day second baseman for the White Sox. After the season, the White Sox decided to move Gordon Beckham to second base and traded Getz to the Royals for a new third baseman, Mark Teahen. Getz played for the Royals for the next four seasons. Getz was non-tendered after the 2013 and signed with the Blue Jays. After starting the 2014 season at AAA, Getz finally joined the Blue Jays, but after 10 disappointing games, Getz retired from baseball.

After the 2014 season, the Royals hired Getz to their front office. He worked in the Royals’ player development department as an assistant over the past two seasons. Rather than take an instructional position, Getz seemed to be in more of an office position. According to the Royals, Getz assisted "in minor league operations and player personnel decisions."