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Podcast: 2016 White Sox Outfield Review

Also, we preview the upcoming World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians.

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Episode 116 is now available and filling in for Jim this week is Adam Sager from SB Nation Radio. You can listen to him on Saturday's from 4-7 pm CT on the Saturday College Football Nation show.

This week's rundown:

  • We preview the World Series that will feature a team breaking a very long championship drought. Will the Cubs offense be able to score against the Indians bullpen? Can the Indians pounce on the Cubs starting pitching? Who will win the series (Josh: Indians in 6, Adam: Cubs in 6).
  • Completing our 2016 season positional review is Pnoles with the Sox outfield. Adam Eaton was great in right field and should stay there, but what about Melky Cabrera in left? Would it hurt his value if he became a full-time DH? And what in the world are the Sox going to do in center field heading into 2017?
  • Finally, we answer some questions regarding the offseason in P.O. Sox and I help Adam formulate his offseason plan for the White Sox

    Speaking of offseason plan, next week's show I'll be inviting some of you who have completed your plans to share them on the podcast. Look for an email from me starting on Tuesday if selected and we'll record a segment with you.
To listen, click play below:

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