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Terrerobytes: The Chicago World Series celebrity gap

Plus: Zack Collins wants to stick as a catcher, Jose Fernandez's autopsy results are released, and more

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Major League Baseball season can come to a close today if the Cleveland Indians can knock off the Cubs at Wrigley Field tonight.

I'm guessing the series will return to Cleveland, but should the Tribe seal the series with a Wrigley sweep, there will probably be a whole lot of bummed-out celebrities (if they even hang around to the finish). The New York Times’ James Wagner relayed the list of famous faces at the ballpark, and while "Two Chicagos" is usually reserved for more serious matters, that phrase came to mind when thinking about the 2005 World Series run:

John Cusack might be one of the few common — not Common — links between 2005 and 2016, and Jerry Reinsdorf wouldn’t even let him in to Game 1. Not listed is Jenny McCarthy, who has apparently switched sides, which I wouldn’t even mention if it weren’t for this tweet.

Also, Jon Hamm is only there to troll the Cubs when the stakes are the highest. M-I-Z.


In actual baseball news, Zack Collins is determined to stick behind the plate. He details the last year of his development — and goals during Arizona Fall League play — with friend of the podcast Jim Callis.

FanGraphs has been doing great work during the World Series, like this post from August Fagerstrom about the Indians’ plan of attack against Kyle Schwarber. It’s weird seeing Bryan Shaw as the go-to guy against the Cubs’ most dangerous bench bat when we’ve seen Avisail Garcia torch him in the past.

The details of Jose Fernandez’s autopsy add some clarity, but they don’t do anything to reduce the senselessness of it all.

The White Sox social media channels have been largely silent during the World Series, which is better than getting into a fight with Smash Mouth.