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Podcast: Goodbye, Robin Ventura

The day has finally come as the Chicago White Sox and former manager Robin Ventura go their separate ways. So, why aren't all White Sox fans jumping for joy?

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Episode 113 is here a day late to recap the press conference yesterday to introduce new manager Rick Renteria into the fold.

Here is this week's rundown:

  • Recap the last weekend of Robin Ventura's managerial career and admire how well he handled himself as he announced his decision to not come back.
  • Even though the White Sox interviewed Rick Renteria last year for the bench coach role and the fact he does have previous managerial experience, is it still okay for the White Sox to not go through a managerial search?
  • Rick Hahn remains not transparent so it's difficult for White Sox fans and the media who covers the team to have an idea of what the near future holds. Is it really a competitive disadvantage to not being transparent? Also, will we ever know why the USA Today leak ever happened?
  • The White Sox also announced that the broadcasting teams for both television and radio will be returning. That's great news for those that enjoyed Jason Benetti, and maybe not some great news for those that don't like to hear Ed Farmer call games. Is it time for the White Sox to make a change in the radio booth?
  • We make our postseason predictions and love to read yours in the comments below. For the record - Jim has the Boston Red Sox beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series; I have the Red Sox beating the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.
  • Finally, we answer your questions about the press conference in P.O. Sox. 

To listen, click play below:

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