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White Sox Rumors: Will Brett Lawrie be non-tendered?

Earlier this month, Jim noted that Brett Lawrie had become the most interesting White Sox player on Twitter. This weekend, he got a little more interesting.

In between several retweets from UFC 205, this little tweet came out.

While this could be anything, it could be related to this tweet that came out earlier in the evening.

Now, this is partially inaccurate. The non-tender date is December 2. In the past, the White Sox have tried to resign all the arbitration players prior to the non-tender date. Being non-tendered right now really means that the White Sox are not negotiating with the player for next season. That doesn’t mean they’ll DFA him. It could mean that they are actively trying to trade him right now.

Looking at Lawrie’s Twitter, there are other telltale signs that he won’t be around. There’s no mention of the White Sox in his bio. His avatar picture is a snarling female lion. There’s a few additional affirmations among the UFC tweets. I hate to speculate based off of this kind of circumstantial evidence, but I won’t be surprised is Lawrie is no longer with the White Sox on December 2.