Aidan's Offseason Plan

Aidan’s Offseason Plan

This team I’m making below is planned to be a contender in about 3 years.

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names. Two notes: 1) You can trade before or after tendering a contract, and 2) we’ll just assume Jose Abreu is in the fold for roughly $11 million regardless of whether he chooses the arb route.

  • Todd Frazier, $13.5M TENDER

  • Brett Lawrie, $5.1M TENDER

  • Avisail Garcia, $3.5M NON-TENDER

  • Miguel Gonzalez, $2.6M TENDER

  • Dan Jennings, $1.2M TENDER

  • J.B. Shuck, $1M NON-TENDER

  • Jake Petricka, $900K TENDER

  • Zach Putnam, $900K TENDER

  • Daniel Webb, $600K NON-TENDER

  • Avisail Garcia won’t get any trade value, and he hasn’t shown any recent sparks of his projected 5-tool corner outfielder abilities once sought after in a Jake Peavy trade. He’s not worth a $3.5 million gamble on a player that hasn’t really shown anything.

  • J.B. Shuck provided no value last year as he played in about 81 games, but batted a .205 BA and a .248 OBP. He also provided terrible defense and there’s no reason keeping him.

  • Daniel Webb hasn’t shown much great pitching and he got injured after 1 IP last year. We need to focus on the future more.

Contract options (pick up or buy out)

  • Matt Albers: $3M for 2017 or a $250,000 buyout BUYOUT

  • He was absolutely terrible last year and had a 6.31 ERA out of the bullpen.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go or qualifying offer)

  • Austin Jackson: Made $5 million in 2016. LET GO

  • Alex Avila: Made $2.5 million in 2016. LET GO

  • Justin Morneau: Made $1 million in 2016, although he signed during the season. RE-SIGN

Free agents

Free agent #1: Sign Jeff Mathis to a one-year, $1.5 million deal. He doesn’t do much at the plate, but he’s a great defensive catcher. We don’t really need a great hitting catcher who’s 33 in a rebuild, but what Mathis can do, is catch and keep these young arms confident. He will split time with Omar Narvaez.

Free agent #2: Re-sign Justin Morneau to a 1 year, $1.5 million deal. He showed he can still play baseball at a high level last year in 58 games, with 6 HRs and 25 RBI. He isn’t going to be great, but he sure is a great player to help young prospects such as Tim Anderson, Tyler Saladino, Yoan Moncada (read below), and more get better and improve. His veteran leadership along with Todd Frazier and Jose Abreu with Moncada should help all these young kids we acquire below.


Trade #1: Trade Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox for Yoan Moncada, Eduardo Rodriguez, Henry Owens, Bobby Dalbec, and Roniel Raudes. This trade should be something the Red Sox would accept even though they are giving up the best prospect in baseball and some. The Red Sox offense wasn’t really the big problem, but their pitching in their loss to the Blue Jays in the ALDS series. This is the time they will be the most motivated as ever to land an ace to their pitching staff, with a terrible free agent pitching class and David Price regressing. I love Chris Sale and his intensity for the game, but if we aren’t going to win, and we could get a few great prospects for him, that’s a done deal. Eduardo Rodriguez is a young 23 year-old pitcher who Don Cooper can work with towards being a solid rotation starter. He was a highly-touted prospect of the Red Sox and used to be the #59 prospect on Baseball America’s top 10 before being called up for the Red Sox, pitching his way to an okay start with a 4.65 ERA last year. He was also ranked #29 by Keith Law. Henry Owens was ranked #20 on Keith Law’s MLB prospect list last year. He should be a top of the rotation starter who can work well with Carlos Rodon and Rodriguez. In Moncada, the Sox get a great prospect that can handle 2nd base next year or later. The middle infield would be the best young middle infield in the MLB, consisting of two 5-tool players both being at the top of the lineup for a long time with Tim Anderson at short. We also get a 3rd base prospect who hits for power in Bobby Dalbec, the 21 ranked prospect in the Red Sox system. Finally we get a young 18 year old righty who can be worked on in the minors to become a solid MLB pitcher. He’s currently the 13th ranked prospect in the Red Sox system. This would be a steep price to pay for the Red Sox, but adding in their need for an ace, who’s controllable, and has a great contract that will allow them $15 million more to spend in the offseason; they will be a contender for a while still. They also have one of the best farm systems in the MLB and their farm system will still be great after this trade. We get a great load consisting of one MLB ready, amazing 2nd baseman prospect, 2 great young pitching talents who both have pitched in the MLB, but neither are over 23. We also get a couple under-the-radar but still appealing prospects. We’re giving up Chris Sale, but we get 3 great MLB ready prospects all under 24, who could start and grow with the White Sox system. Finally, the Red Sox don’t and shouldn’t really need any of these players on their team, besides Yoan Moncada. Yet, Moncada is a second baseman and Pedroia has that spot until 2021. Their pitching prospects become expendable if they acquire Sale because there should be no room for them to operate in the rotation and wouldn’t have much impact just pitching in the rotation.

"Henry Owens is at 20 and Eduardo Rodriguez at 29. Law, like many seem to, believes Rodriguez's upside is better than that of Owens, but that Owens is further along in his development with fewer questions about his eventual readiness and ability to reach his ceiling. Law states that Rodriguez has the potential to be a number one starter, but that he has "a few developmental hurdles ahead of him", mostly having to do with command of both his fastball and his slider. The stuff is there, but as Red Sox fans better be well aware of at this point, if he can't command it, then he'll never realize his full potential." → Keith Law- baseball analyst

Trade #2: Trade Melky Cabrera to the Rangers for Kole Enright and Tyler Ferguson. Melky had a pretty good offensive year last year, with a .296/.345 line knocking in 86 RBI. This is what the Rangers need. They need bats in the outfield that can hit. They have Nomar Mazara in right and Ian Desmond in center, but their left field and DH spots are in ruins with Prince Fielder done, and Shin-Soo Choo and Ryan Rua playing bad baseball at the end of the season. They need better offense and a better DH, and Melky can give either of those to them, coming off a quietly good offensive season for him. He is owed $14 million, and that’s pretty average for a player like himself. We get a young 18-year-old 3B prospect who can hit in Kole Enright. He may become a solid infielder. We also just get a 23 year old arm in Tyler Ferguson who can turn out to be a great pitcher with great stuff if he fixes his control issues. He went to Vanderbilt and the Sox system should be able to fix him up. It’s not a steep price to pay and with the shortage of good outfield hitters on the market besides Yoenis Cespedes, this would be a good idea by Texas.

Trade #3: Trade Brett Lawrie back to the A’s for Brett Graves and Carlos Navas. We won’t need Brett anymore if we acquire Yoan Moncada to be our 2nd baseman. The A’s are in a rebuild and they could reacquire Lawrie for young infield help at 2nd and 3rd base. We just get a couple arms that could slot in at our AAA team, and have some possible promise, because depth is never a bad thing.

Trade #4: Trade Jose Quintana and Miguel Gonzalez to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Julio Urias, Austin Barnes, Alex Verdugo, and Jacob Rhame. We get another future top of the rotation starter in Julio Urias, a 19 year-old, left-handed phenom. He already pitched his way to 5-2 record and a 3.39 ERA in 15 starts last year. He should be atop our rotation with Carlos Rodon next year or the year following. He seems like a true ace. We also acquire Austin Barnes, the 8th best catching prospect by He is a contact hitter, gets on base, and doesn’t strike out that much. We need more disciplined batters and this 26-year-old can provide that. He’s a great, underrated catching talent, that can complement Zach Collins, or become a good catcher if Collins doesn’t work out at catcher. We lack catchers in our system and this creates solid depth at the position. He can even play second and third base as well, showing his great athleticism. We also get the 45th ranked prospect in baseball by and the 3rd best prospect in the Dodgers system. Alex Verdugo He’s a mature outfielder who has a great arm and can profile well in a corner outfield. He has a great, quick swing and should be a great batter and average fielder that may hit 20 HRs a year. Finally, we get Jacob Rhame, a 23-year-old RHP that should be able to be a solid MLB bullpen pitcher with his fastball that can reach 100. The Dodgers get Jose Quintana, the most underrated and consistent pitcher right now in the MLB. He’s healthy, consistent, paid very low, and may be treated like an ace. They also get Miguel Gonzalez to add to that starting rotation depth with Kershaw getting older and having some issues with injuries and not really a great secondary pitcher. They get 2 pitchers that should be great NL pitchers and to help lead to a playoff run for the Dodgers.


We get rid of Sale and Quintana to contenders for a great haul including about 5 future bullpen or rotation pitchers and a future star in Yoan Moncada. To win, you need a great bullpen and pitching staff, and with these trades, that’s what is focused on. Our closer will be Zach Burdi and Nate Jones can help the young bullpen develop in the set-up role. I believe Carson Fulmer should be able to be a great late-inning reliever with his fastball and is best suited for the bullpen, not the starting rotation. Also, Alec Hansen has command issues, but can pitch 99 MPH. I believe he is also best suited for the bullpen and can become a great bullpen arm for the Sox. We also have another good pitcher with great potential for the bullpen in Jacob Rhame. With just these four flame-throwers, their bullpen should be forming with a great young, talented group. With these four and others coming back from injury and rest, their bullpen should be great in a couple years. This plan is for a rebuild, but this team should still be okay next year, they’re just in a learning stage for this young team. I tried to create great defense, pitching, speed, and quick swings to limit the strikeouts. This starting rotation should be amazing in 3 years with 4 great 23 under starters that all have had good MLB experience. Spencer Adams should slot into that 5th slot nicely. He has great control and may turn out to be a Kyle Hendricks type of pitcher. Zach Collins and Austin Barnes should become a great catching tandem with the latter most likely getting less playing time, but more in a utility role.

C- Jeff Mathis

1B- Jose Abreu

2B- Yoan Moncada

3B- Todd Frazier

SS- Tim Anderson

RF- Adam Eaton

CF- Charlie Tilson

LF- Yasiel Puig

DH- Justin Morneau


  1. Tim Anderson

  2. Adam Eaton

  3. Yoan Moncada

  4. Jose Abreu

  5. Todd Frazier

  6. Jason Coats

  7. Justin Morneau

  8. Jeff Mathis

  9. Charlie Tilson


  1. Tyler Saladino IF (provides depth in whole infield besides first and can play 3rd if Frazier is traded at deadline)

  2. Adam Engel OF (can play all outfield positions)

  3. Matt Davidson 3B (or 1B if needed)

  4. Austin Barnes C (split time with Jeff Mathis)


  1. Carlos Rodon LHP

  2. Julio Urias LHP

  3. Eduardo Gonzalez LHP

  4. Henry Owens RHP

  5. James Shields RHP


  1. David Robertson CL

  2. Nate Jones SU

  3. Zach Burdi

  4. Dan Jennings

  5. Michael Ynoa

  6. Zach Putnam

  7. Tommy Kahnle

2019 In 3 years→ when they should be contenders with a good, young, developed bullpen, starting rotation, and some great, young position players.

(This is basis of the team with no free agents and other trades)


  1. Tim Anderson SS Age 26

  2. Adam Eaton RF Age 30 (for veteran leadership and great defense)

  3. Yoan Moncada 2B Age 24

  4. Todd Frazier 3B Age 33 (for veteran leadership) (resign)

  5. Zach Collins C Age 24

  6. Jose Abreu 1B Age 32 (for veteran leadership)

  7. Alex Verdugo LF Age 23

  8. Austin Barnes DH Age 29 (super utility who can play many positions including catcher for ¼ of games)

  9. Charlie Tilson CF Age 26

Bench (rough estimate)

  1. Tyler Saladino- super-utility Age 30

  2. Adam Engel- OF Age 27

  3. Matt Davidson- 3B, 1B, or DH Age 29

  4. Carlos Sanchez- IF Age 28

Starting Rotation

  1. Julio Urias LHP Age 22

  2. Carlos Rodon LHP Age 26

  3. Eduardo Gonzalez LHP Age 26

  4. Henry Owens RHP Age 27

  5. Spencer Adams RHP Age 23


  1. Zach Burdi CL Age 24

  2. Nate Jones SU (interchangable) Age 33

  3. Carson Fulmer SU (interchangable) Age 25

  4. Dan Jennings LP Age 32

  5. Jacob Rhame RP Age 26

  6. Zach Putnam RP Age 32

  7. Tommy Kahnle RP Age 30

  8. (if needed for LHP) Jordan Guerrero LP Age 25

This young group should be able to develop well together and be able to be contenders in 3 years. Their bullpen should be great with some great arms that can throw some heat along with an amazing young rotation led by Carlos Rodon, who should be able to improve mightily, and Julio Urias. They also have a great lineup with Anderson, Eaton, Moncada, Collins, Frazier, Abreu… They should be able to get on base and steal some bases. Their middle of the infield should be lights out and their defense should be greatly improved. They need defense, on-base, bullpen, and speed, and that’s what I believe I got. This team should be able to be right up there with the Cubs in 3 years. This isn't a full rebuild and this is what 2 players being traded can do to a team. I really feel my trades are very even and I hope you feel the same. Rick please, we need a rebuild.

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