2016/2017 Chicago White Sox Offseason Agenda/Opening Day Roster

1) Melky to the Braves for two prospects - one of them being potentially "major-league ready"

2) Robertson to some NL team for two A/AA prospects

3) Sign Fowler to play CF

4) Keep Frazier. I see a minor improvement from last year.. and even last year he was a "solid" player (+3 WAR). Perhaps DH him since his defensive game declined?

5) Sign one (Blevins) or two solid bullpen arms

6) Sign Wieters


1. Fowler, CF

2. Eaton, RF

3. Abreu, 1B

4. Frazier, DH

5. Wieters, C

6. Lawrie, 2B

7. Davidson, LF (had his best year at AAA since ARI)

8. Saladino, 3B

9. Anderson, SS


Narvaez, C; Sanchez, IF; Coats, OF; L. Garcia, IF/OF


Jones, CL; Putnam, RP; Petricka, RP; Jennings, RP; Ynoa, RP; Blevins, RP; Kahnle, RP


SP. Sale

SP. Q.

SP. Rodon

SP. Gonzalez

SP. Shields/Prospect


Fowler over Cabrera presents about a 1.5 game improvement, especially defensively.

Expect Rodon to become a 3 WAR pitcher if he stays healthy (+1.5 game improvement).

Full seasons from Anderson and Salad should add a 2-3 game improvement.

An improved/HEALTHY bullpen: 1 game improvement.

Wieters, if healthy, adds at least 2 games improvement.

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