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Winter Meetings Thread: Day 1

As the Winter Meetings officially kicks off, plenty of buzz surrounding Chris Sale and Edwin Encarnacion.

The 2016 Winter Meetings have officially kicked off, and we'll use this thread throughout the day for people to post links about rumors or announced acquisitions.

Here are the big stories to follow on Day 1:

Potential suitors for Chris Sale are trying hard to drive the price down.

Not sure why the health of Chris Sale, who has pitched 1,015.2 innings the last five seasons, would be an issue. If the rumor is true that sources within the White Sox are leaking this concern. Probably safe to chalk this up as another attempt for teams to lower the cost.

Where will Edwin Encarnacion sign?

First, it seemed like a given that the Houston Astros were going to sign Edwin Encarnacion. Then they signed Carlos Beltran to a one-year deal.

Second,  it seemed like the New York Yankees could be a good fit. Then they signed Matt Holliday to a one-year deal.

Last night, it appeared that the Toronto Blue Jays were interested in re-signing Encarnacion, and the Texas Rangers are in play.

Now a surprise team is gaining steam: the Cleveland Indians.

Updates will be posted in the comments below. Feel free to help contribute when you see a rumor or story break.